Whitford was a city on Turaxis II, located 30 miles east of Orley.

During the Guild Wars, it was overrun by Kel-Morian forces, who were subsequently repelled by the Thundering Third. Due to the fighting, Whitford was so heavily damaged that it was virtually abandoned, though its two-story bell tower (part of a chapel) survived the fighting, and provided a vantage point to survey the town.

Despite the damage inflicted, though some citizens chose to remain put in the city rather than head for a refugee camp. Such citizens had to be cautious however, as among those who remained were predatory individuals who prowled the city's remains. Feral dogs were also an issue.

Due to the devastation of the war, the city was a haven for criminal activity, and during the conflict Tychus Findlay sold 8 million credits worth of stolen jammers to a contact he had in the city.


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