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Malcolm Kelerchian, a wrangler

Wranglers are Ghost Program employees with minor psionic powers, which are generally only useful for finding other telepaths at close range. They usually have a psi Index rating of 2-5.

The duty of a wrangler is to find psionically gifted humans. This is used both to locate untrained psionics for recruitment into the Ghost Program[1] and to locate enemy psionic agents such as Umojan shadowguards.[2] Wranglers are also called in to investigate the disappearance of ghost agents[3] and testing and observing them for any irregularities in behavior or wild shifts in personality.[4]

Wranglers can use equipment to help them in their search, but the equipment is limited. The equipment can include analgesics that would remove the discomfort when near an individual with psionic powers, or in an area with the residue of such energies.[1]

Terran Dominion Ghost Program wranglers are paid for each psychic they bring in, and often work with more conventional military forces. They sometimes use zerglings, "lobotomized" to cut them off from the Zerg Swarm, in order to track down psychics. This program is considered top secret.[5]

Known WranglersEdit


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