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Wynne (callsign "Bandai-Seven") was a terran marine and member of Zeta Squad. He was noted for his annoying laugh and a sense of humor; he appreciated Hendrix's jokes.[2]


In 2503,[1] Wynne and four other members of Zeta Squad were assigned to investigate Binion's Point, Roxara's moon for Kel-Morian Combine sabotage. They didn't find any, but team member Hendrix was secretly replaced by a changeling during the operation.

The team (including "Hendrix") traveled back to the command center and relaxed. Wynne played poker with Jenkins and Brody. Afterward the trio discovered "Hendrix" accessing security codes. During the ensuing scuffle, Brody was sliced open and Jenkins was punched in the face. They recruited Sergeant Walden Briggs, who complained that SEC was taking too long.

Wynne and Briggs tracked the changeling to the reactor, where it ambushed and critically injured Wynne. Briggs euthanized him. The changeling then morphed between Hendrix's and Wynne's appearances before Briggs killed it.[2]


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