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The Wyrm transforming

"My Wyrm moves with all the grace and finesse of a recently tranquilized rhynadon, as opposed to the newer, upgraded Viking... which is hell on wheels."

- Wyrm pilot Wes Carter compares the Wyrm to the Viking(src)

The Wyrm is a transforming fighter/walker used by the Terran Confederacy[1] and the Terran Dominion, much like its successor, the Viking.[2]
It is considered inferior to the Viking[2] as the Viking has better armor, more options, and a faster response time[3], for the Wyrm was not designed for rapid-response and thus takes a long time to prep for combat.[2]

The craft is equipped with at least one rear camera used for tracking pursuing enemy aircraft and has similar weaponry as the Viking (missiles and Gatling guns), albeit less powerful. In addition, the cockpit, which does not appear to be pressurized, serves as an ejection capsule.[3]

The vehicle was in use by the Fall of Tarsonis.[1]

Known Wyrm Pilots[]


The Wyrm is identical to early concepts of the Viking, effectively made a separate vehicle from the original concept art.[4]


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