The Xava'kai, the "Hands of the Benefactor", are a subgroup of the Tal'darim, a group of protoss stranded on Aiur following the closure of the warp gate. They began to lose their connection to the Khala due to their grief at being abandoned by their brethren and due to their addiction to the drug, Sundrop. They exiled themselves from the other faction of survivors, the Shel'na Kryhas.

They were the most loyal to their mysterious leader, the Xava'tor.[1]


The Xava'tor occasionally asked for one of the Tal'darim to go with him – these volunteers were known as the "Xava'kai" ("Hands of the Benefactor") – to help him with unspecified tasks. They were never seen again. Several were found drained, possibly by the strange giant xel'naga-crafted khaydarin crystal. The culling drastically reduced the size of the Tal'darim over time.

The giant crystal's chamber contained several vats with strange psionic creatures, and the Tal'darim were forbidden to travel there.[1]

The Battle of the GateEdit

A pair of terrans, Jake Ramsey and Rosemary Dahl, fleeing from the Terran Dominion, traveled to Aiur at the behest of Zamara, a deceased protoss preserver who nonetheless continued to exist within Ramsey's mind. They were stranded by a zerg attack and made contact with the Shel'na Kryhas, living with them. They intended to secure a piece of the giant crystal.

The Xava'tor became aware of Zamara's presence and wished to kill or capture her. Tal'darim member Alzadar took part in a plot to capture Zamara, but it failed, and instead his addiction to Sundrop was broken. The truth about the Xava'tor was revealed – it was Ulrezaj, a powerful dark archon, and anathema to most of the Tal'darim.

Alzadar, Ramsey/Zamara, Dahl and numerous Shel'na Kryhas raided the giant crystal's chamber, stealing a piece of crystal but also discovering the strange creatures and the drained Xava'kai corpses. This set off an alarm, and the Xava'kai, led by Felanis, came to confront the raiders. Alzadar revealed the truth to the Xava'kai, throwing them into chaos. The Tal'darim effectively split into two groups – the Tal'darim (led by Alzadar) and the Xava'kai, led by Felanis.[1]


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