Xel'nagatemplegrounds RiskSC

The Xel'naga Temple Grounds

The Xel'naga Temple Grounds was a region on Shakuras that housed the Xel'naga Temple of Shakuras. It bordered Katuul Province and Talematros to the north.[1]

When the Nerazim first arrived on Shakuras, they discovered the temple and settled the planet to study it. After the Khalai escaped from Aiur to Shakuras in 2500, Daggoth's Renegade Swarm poured through the warp gate after them and secured the temple grounds. The Khalai and Nerazim struck back, slaying the two cerebrates surrounding the temple.[2] After retrieving the Uraj and Khalis crystals, Artanis and Zeratul again secured the province from the zerg, and used the energies within the temple to purify Shakuras of the zerg.[3]

During the End War, the Amon Brood and their hybrid masters overran Shakuras. The Daelaam defended the temple grounds until the temple was prepared and a sufficient number of zerg arrived on the planet, and overloaded it, destroying the entire planet.[4]


The Xel'naga Temple Grounds appears as a contestable territory in RISK: StarCraft.[1]


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