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"A very slimy primal zerg leader. Direct and simple incapable of plotting or forming too advanced of a thought. Very bestial."

- Character description(src)

Yagdra was one of the primal zerg pack leaders of Zerus.

Yagdra closely resembled an ash worm in appearance, and it was considerably larger in stature than most other primal zerg. It could spit gobs of destructive acid that, according to Zurvan, burnt like fire.[2]


"Leader of the broken pack? No!"
"Is that fear, Yagdra? You do know you never had a chance, right?"
"Your change means nothing! I will melt the flesh from your bones!"

- Yagdra and Kerrigan verbally spar(src)

When Yagdra learned that Sarah Kerrigan was transforming in a chrysalis, he attempted to halt the process permanently by sending his pack against Kerrigan's Swarm. In the process, Yagdra also eradicated the last remnants of Brakk's now-leaderless pack (which was also trying to stop Kerrigan's transformation). However, Yagdra's forces failed to kill the Queen of Blades before she emerged from her chrysalis.[3]

Shortly afterwards, Kerrigan, now the Primal Queen of Blades, set out to challenge the pack leaders for control of Zerus. The pack leaders had sent the majority of their forces to attack Kerrigan's Swarm, leaving themselves vulnerable. She came for Yagdra first. Aided by Dehaka's Pack, Kerrigan fought her way through Yagdra's minions and confronted the pack leader himself. Yagdra told her that her transformation meant nothing. The two fought, and Kerrigan emerged victorious. After slaying Yagdra, she absorbed his essence.[2]

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

After Yagdra's death, Glevig rose to power and took control of Yagdra's former pack.[4]



- Yagdra(src)

Yagdra spits acid in two forms, a prolonged linear stream, and rapid explosive bursts strewn around the battlefield. Both show the path of the blasts before they hit.

He also has the ability to dive under the ground, leaving behind eggs in the process. They can contain either lots of small primal zerg units, or a primal ultralisk and small units. After a second he'll jump out of the ground again.

As with the other pack leaders, Yagdra's remaining minions will die once he is killed.[2]


Like Dehaka, Yagdra appears to be damaged and is missing some parts. His left tusk is broken off approximately halfway down and his left arm appears to be partially burned or melted as it has some of his bones visible under his skin.


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