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Yancy Gray was a marine raised on Tarsonis. He was known for not knowing when to keep quiet.

Gray served under Lieutenant Arcturus Mengsk in Dominion section. In August 2480, a period when he and the rest of the section were supposed to be on leave, Gray got his first taste of action on the world of Sonyan, forcibly removing Kel-Morian miners from Turanga Canyon, Gray performing a flanking maneuver alongside fellow section members Chuck Horner and Toby Mercurio.

Over the next five years, Gray continued to serve the Confederacy as usual-evicting Kel-Morians and acting as an enforcer, serving on worlds such as Parragos and Pho-Rekh. Events came to a head in 2485 when the unit, along with Alpha Squadron, was assigned to evict Kel-Morian workers off Noranda Glacier on the world of Onuru Sigma. The resulting battle marked the beginning of the Guild Wars.

While Gray survived the battle at the glacier, he did not survive the war. On Artesia Prime, the unit was assigned to a convoy that came to be hit by spider mines. Gray's legs were vaporized and despite the efforts of medics, he succumbed to his injuries.


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