The zantar slug is a carbon-based,[1] resilient organism found in the humid mountain crevasses of Garrxax,[2] capable of quickly healing maimed or damaged tissue by absorbing nutrients from the soil.[3] This was made possible by their metabolism, to the extent that a zantar slug severed in two could stitch itself back together. They were small enough to fit into a terran's boot. They secreted acidic mucus,[1] which could be used as a form of attack, strong enough to penetrate neosteel.[3] They were not sapient, but possessed strong survival instinct. When its mucus came in contact the sap of a vine located on he other side of their continent, the result was a massive explosion, a phenomena studied by Terran Dominion researchers.[1]

In 2501,[1] they were assimilated into the Zerg Swarm, becoming roaches. The roach inherited its acidic abilities.[3] Abathur later used the similarities between the unassimilated slug and the roach as the basis for a mutation for the roach that allowed its acid saliva to better dissolve poorly armored foes.[4]


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