Zekrath is the elderly leader of the Shelak Tribe. He is pale and slender, with blue-gray skin and often communicates only emotionally.[1]


Early PoliticsEdit

"The Hierarchy is failing. It needs a leader to succeed. This stalemate is but further proof of that."

- Zekrath(src)

Zekrath SC-Sacrifice Comic2

Zekrath in an early Hierarchy meeting

In the early days of the Hierarchy, the group was ineffective, reaching one impasse after another. In light of yet another failure to reach consensus, Zekrath suggested that it needed a leader. Both Nahaan and Urun put themselves forward, much to the displeasure of each other and Vorazun. Zekrath stated that the leader had to be one who commanded the respect of both the Khalai and Nerazim, namely Artanis. It was a suggestion that Mohandar concurred with. Artanis however, had no desire to take on the position of hierarch, and sought to leave the body himself so he could return to his duties as a warrior. The group adjourned for the day, many of its members threatening to leave the Hierarchy if Artanis did not take on the position of leader.

Zekrath was validated however, as the following day, Artanis took on the mantle of hierarch.[2]


In 2503,[3] Zekrath attended a meeting of the Hierarchy to discuss Zamara, a missing preserver. There were none on Shakuras. A terran female, Rosemary Dahl, attended the meeting, along with Executor Selendis. During the meeting, he seemed uninterested in retrieving the preserver, although he seemed upset when Selendis reminded him about how much knowledge would be lost. He deferred to the judgment of Hierarch Artanis.

Artanis decided on retrieving Zamara, and the Nerazim member of the Hierarchy, Mohandar, revealed her likely destination—the until-then secret Nerazim sanctuary moon of Ehlna. Zekrath wished to access the site's knowledge but was not allowed to go.[1]


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