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Zen is a 1v1 map for StarCraft II. It was introduced in Season 4, 2019 and removed from the ladder in season 2, 2020.

With the arrival of the patch 4.11.2, the map had some elements changed and others added.[1]


This map is set in a Zen garden; it even had two Koi ponds on the sides! The main feature of the map is the two small entrances to the natural. The first one gives a direct and short path to the opponent; it is only one tile wide, but can be enlarged by mining the minerals. The other choke is six tiles wide and leds to the third base. In the middle, there are two sets of mineral walls that make the path one tile wide. These paths make large armies extremely slow unless you mine them out. This map also has more advanced custom cliffs that were shaped into pillars.[2]


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