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The Zer'atai are a Nerazim clan.

Their warriors are distinguished by the shadow scythes they wield and the heavy armor they wear.[1] Their hunters frequently dress in zerg bones.[2] The Dark Templar were battle-hardened due to the zerg invasion of Shakuras, and some wear the bones as trophies.[3]

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

Since their arrival on Shakuras, Zer'atai were renowned as great hunters. For nearly a millennium, they wandered across Shakuras, fashioning intricate armors from the bones of their prey.[4]

Heroes of the Storm[]

Heroes DevLog2.jpg

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

A Zer'atai skin for Zeratul named "Zerg Hunter Zeratul" is available in Heroes of the Storm. It description makes reference to the Zer'atai. Artanis has a Nerazim skin tint named "Zer'atai."[4]



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