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  • Simulant; a similar form of robotic zerg
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Zerg-bots, mechanical recreations of zerg, are a class of battle-bots.[1]


The Ghost Academy utilizes zerg-bots in training simulations. These include replications of zerglings, hydralisks and defilers, all of which mimic their organic counterparts' actions. The defiler's plague ability is substituted for by a flammable gas that induces paralysis. A controller (such as Sarco Angelini) oversees and controls the robots' actions. Zerg-bots are capable of learning and adjusting to ghost trainee tactics.

To ensure further accuracy, the use of technopathy is forbidden against the robots.[1]

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A mechanical ultralisk

Robotic hydralisks are used in the training of the Reaper Corps at the Icehouse.[2]

Civilian uses for zerg robotic drones are also not uncommon, and Axiom Ordnance utilized drones made to resemble mutalisks in their attempted promotional advertisement for the Warhound.[3]

Project Simulant was able to construct a variety of zerg simulants, with replicant strains ranging from breeds as simple as the drone, to those as advanced as the brood lord and ultralisk. However, the project ended in disaster, as the simulants ran rampant, destroying the lab.[4]

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

During the End War, Egon Stetmann created an army of mechanical zerg named the Mecha Swarm, which were augmented with terran and protoss technology, in order to fight Amon's Forces.[5]


It is unclear whether zerg-bots are identical to simulants and the Mecha Swarm, or a separate form of technology.


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