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The '''Nightmare Invaders''',<ref name = "Boot Camp">''[[StarCraft]]''. Vivendi Games. Mission: Precursor bonus campaign, Tutorial: "Boot Camp" (in English). 1998-09-03. [ Map Archives: Precursor Campaign].</ref> also known as "xenomorphs," was a zerg force that invaded [[Chau Sara]] prior to the [[Great War]]. This force engaged an [[Alpha Squadron]] [[Lieutenant (Precursor)|lieutenant]] and [[Cerberus Recon Squad]] in the [[Battle of Chau Sara]].
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The [[StarCraft: Loomings|''StarCraft: Loomings'']] campaign uses the name "Nightmare Invaders" for the zerg on the victory screen of the shareware disc version, while the campaign itself refers to them as "xenomorphs." This was changed to xenomorphs in the version of the campaign.
The phrase "nightmare invaders" dates back to the [[StarCraft alpha]].<ref></ref><ref></ref> Some sources render it as "nightmarish invaders."<ref></ref><ref></ref>
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