Orders of BattleEdit

Expect the opposing zerg to be utilizing the same orders as you!

Zerg vs. zerg is the fastest matchup in the game, and goes fairly quickly. Matches rarely take more than 6–9 minutes, so there is hardly a late game and a pretty consistent midgame. The game revolves around the air/ground trade-off – zerglings are cheap and fast to make, mutalisks can kill zerglings. Whoever gets mutalisks alone will be able to decimate the opponent's economy, so the game revolves around trying to get more mutalisks before the other player OR getting mass zerglings before the other player gets mutalisks.

Interestingly, zerg vs. zerg is the only matchup that plays like this specifically because terran and protoss don't have an effective air-to-all attack unit. The Wraith, while it can attack ground, is more expensive and is not strong enough to take on missile turrets. It's also significantly less effective at killing workers, particularly since SCVs can repair.

Early GameEdit

Common Strategies

9 poolEdit

9 drones, to spawning pool, to overlord, to 6 lings. Counters Overpool


9 drones, to overlord, to spawning pool. Then 6 lings. Counters 12 hatch

Fast Gas OverpoolEdit

12 hatchEdit

Get a second gas to reach mutalisks faster. Counters 9 pool. Mass zerglings.

Sunken colonyEdit

Get a spawning pool made quickly then send a drone into the enemy creep to take them out early in the game

Rare Strategies

5 poolEdit

While potentially effective, not seen often in pro play.

Mid GameEdit

Common Strategies


Mutalisks in large numbers, mixed with scourge to kill other mutalisks. The key is to out macro and micro your opponent's mutalisks to dominate the air.

Ling BreakEdit

Rare Strategies

Spore ColoniesEdit

Requiring an unusual evolution chamber, spore colonies are usually a last resort when you can't compete on mutalisks. Since they can't usually cover all your bases, cost your economy heavily (in a drone and minerals), are completely vulnerable to zerglings, and mutalisk micro can pick them off in areas less than 3, they are a desperate choice. But if you can get enough of them while staying economically competitive they can sometimes claw you back into the game.

Late GameEdit

Common Strategies

Third GasEdit

Rare Strategies


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