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The following article or section contains information from a Christmas map and may not be canon.

"My forces are very frightful, And I find your screams delightful, There's no one to whom you can turn, Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn!"

- Zergrinch(src)

The Zergrinch was an exceptionally powerful and possibly insane zerg defiler.

The Zergrinch appeared to lack the abilities of defilers, though aside from his ability to speak, could pop up in the middle of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. If he was killed, he would reincarnate. Sometimes he would claim he was "eternal."[1]


Operation Claws[]

Main article: Operation Claws

The Zergrinch

Leading his own brood, the Zergrinch Followers, he attacked Planet Christmas at least twice. On his final attempt, set some point after the Brood War, after enlisting the aid of some protoss bandit minions, he succeeded in capturing Santa Claus, the individual's "elitist ways having been the bane of our existence". It was a hollow victory however, given the lack of cookies available. In the end, the victory itself was only temporary, the Zergrinch being defeated by the Santa Helpers.[1]

The Zergrinch Attacks![]

ChimeraMarine SC2 Portrait1.jpg

The following section contains information from a silly source and is not canon.

"The mighty Zergrinch is encroaching on the Koprulu Sector once again and seeks to destroy the holiday spirit at this amazing time of year. We need everyone’s help in order to defeat him and his evil band of minions! He has come prepared with 100 of his minions pushing their way through the Koprulu Sector and the only way to defeat a minion is to give the poster above you, your best holiday wishes. After 500 posts, all his minions will be defeated and we’ll be taking submissions from players via with their best holiday wishes for the Zergrinch. Using the winning submission, we’ll cleanse the Koprulu Sector of his presence once and for all, restoring peace to the galaxy!"

- Contest summary(src)

The Zergrinch made a return to the Koprulu sector, once again intent on destroying the Christmas spirit. Only by submitting best holiday wishes could his 100 minions be defeated, cleansing the sector of his presence once and for all and restoring peace to the galaxy.[2]

Game Unit[]

The Zergrinch appears in the map "Operation Claws". It will respawn indefinitely until all its forces are defeated.


Purchased from Evolution chamber
Hotkey C
Level 1
Cost 150 Minerals 150 Vespene gas 266seconds
Level 2
Cost 225 Minerals 225 Vespene gas 298seconds
Required Lair
Level 3
Cost 300 Minerals 300 Vespene gas 330seconds
Required Hive


The Zergrinch is likely based off the Grinch, who also tried to steal Christmas.


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