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The following section contains information from Galaxy Map Editor that is ambiguously canonical.

The Zeus lander (or militarized colonist ship) is an unused unit from Galaxy Map Editor files for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm."

The Zeus Lander is a modified hercules dropship, a massive transport ship able to carry 30 units at a time, deploys them almost instantly, and if the Lander is destroyed the units inside are ejected to survive, albeit slightly wounded. The major difference is the Zeus Lander has much more HP, as well as an attack used to combat air units. The attack is similar to the battlecruiser, rapidly firing laser blasts at targets.[1]


The Zeus lander was one of the first pieces of art officially made for the Heart of the Swarm expansion, designed for use in the Char arc to show a terran infestation of the world. It was made to resemble custom modifications to otherwise civilian units during their hostile takeover of the planet. The camouflage pattern was made to reference General Warfield himself.[2]


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