Zhakul is a protoss archive world. Parts of the planet is, or at least were, actively volcanic, a danger to the protoss living there.[1]


In antiquity, Zhakul was a xel'naga world. Later, after the Aeon of Strife, it was discovered by protoss wayfarers. When the Conclave took power, all texts and artifacts from the Aeon of Strife were sealed away on Zhakul and entrusted to a trio of preservers.

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In 2504, the preservers were imprisoned by the hybrid Maar, who corrupted the Zhakul Guardians and drained the preservers to survive.

On the eve of the Second Great War, Zeratul journeyed there to consult preservers. The dark templar sought insight into the prophecy he discovered on Ulaan. Zeratul's allies managed to defeat Maar and liberated the preservers. The preservers then transcribed the prophetic fragments in Zeratul's mind.[2]


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Pre-release information listed the planet as "Zhakul'das."[3] It is still referred to this in the Galaxy Map Editor.[4]


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