Lieutenant Zimmerman was the medic assigned to Brute Squad. She was transferred to Moebius Corps, and served as security for Sector Six.


Spanneti served in Brute Squad under Commander Dorian through battles at Korhal, Ghobi Station, Pantera Prime and Braxis. She was transferred to Moebius Corps after the squad was reassigned, where ran recovery and security missions for the Moebius Foundation.

Sector SixEdit

Zimmerman was part of a recovery operation in search of a xel'naga relic on Beta Saul. When Spanneti was injured by an ambush by the Players' Club, she came by to provide medical care. The artifact was retrieved successfully, though Zeus got away

Zimmerman patched up the wounded shoulder of Spanneti, and was given the news that Brute Squad had been assigned as security to Sector Six. Zimmerman protested, thinking that it was because Dorian defied orders by chasing Zeus, but Dorian insisted it was because their old commanding officer Major Braxton had it out for him. Zimmerman was assigned to help the medical staff in the facility.

After Professor Benz, driven mad by the psychic whispers of the hybrid in the facility, used a plasma gun to kill two lab technicians, Zimmerman subdued him with a drug cocktail of her creation. She started flirting with a security guard named Watkins, who was in charge of security cameras for the sector. She helped Brute Squad lace his drink, allowing them access to the cell Professor Benz was in to question him. He was found in his cell with self-inflicted scratches, and having written strange runes and the image of a hybrid on his wall in his own blood. Soon after, she was called away on an emergency.

Soon after, the hybrid in the facility reached out to Brute Squad through a psychic voice. Zimmerman was out of contact for hours, so Dorian sent the squad to find her. They found her dead in her cot, having committed suicide from slitting her wrists, and scrawling on the walls in her last moment "I WILL NOT OBEY" repeatedly in her own blood.


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